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Xbox One July update will unlock Achievements in Snap mode

ox One July update brings Achievements in Snap mode
Gamers will see which achievements they're closest to unlocking at the top

As Microsoft's Xbox One console moves ever closer to achieving the company's vision, the monthly Xbox One updates seem to be getting less significant.

However, the forthcoming July update still has some intriguing features for gamers, per Xbox Live's Larry Hyrb (aka Major Nelson).

The headlining boost will be the addition of achievements in Snap mode, meaning players can see how they're progressing towards goals in real time, with the one's they're closest to unlocking at the top. Gamers can also move which achievements they care about most to the top of the list.

The addition, previewed at E3 and shown in the video below, is a boon for those Xbox Urban Achievers who 'went out there and achieved anyway.'


In addition, Microsoft is also introducing the contingencies for the first generation of gamers buying the Xbox One without the Kinect peripheral.

From July, when users double tap the home button, they'll see the Snap menu and will be able to move between apps. For users with a Kinect, they're able to say 'Xbox Snap' in order to switch.

There's also social improvements, with gamers able to like clips and notes that pop up in the second screen Smartglass app.

No news yet on exactly when the update will drop.

Via Engadget