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Microsoft bans modified Xbox users from playing

Microsoft is after the modifiers
Microsoft is after the modifiers

Microsoft has taken a new tack in the war against piracy by banning users who try to connect to the Xbox Live server using a modified Xbox 360.

Gamers the world over who have tampered with their machine, and thus violated the terms of use, are logging on to find a message telling them they've been banned from the server.

What is interesting is how nobody has really worked out how Microsoft is separating the modified 360s from the legitimate ones, with some gamers saying that turning on the console with a 'backed-up' (cough*pirated*cough) game without the network cable attached still means they are blocked.


Microsoft has published something of an explanation on its Major Nelson forum, which gives the inside skinny on the workings of the Xbox team:

"In our continued effort to keep gameplay safe and secure for our community of more than 14 million members, Microsoft has taken action against a small percentage of Xbox 360 consoles that have been illegally modified in order to play pirated games.

"You should know that modifying your Xbox 360 console is also a violation of the Xbox LIVE terms of use, will void your warranty and result in a ban from Xbox LIVE.

"We will continue to employ and bolster anti-piracy security measures to counter piracy in the gaming industry and improve security in the Xbox LIVE community."

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