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Harman Kardon unveils ice-cool see-through speakers

IFA 2008: Harman-Kardon's new speakers - love 'em or loathe 'em
IFA 2008: Harman-Kardon's new speakers - love 'em or loathe 'em

Harman Kardon has unveiled these see-through speakers for fans of high end audio equipment that is not black and, as an added bonus, looks like it's been designed purely for Superman's dad.

These cut glass beauties/monstrosities will "integrate beautifully with home and office décor", according to the press blurb.

TechRadar has already argued over the relative merits of Harman Kardon not sticking with the dominant trend in speaker design with these new 56 Watt GLA-55s, which are ideally sized to plug into your PC on your desk or jack into your iPod, wherever you so desire.

You basically either love them or hate them. There can be no in-between here.

And while we have yet to test them out, we are pretty sure they will sound 'the business' if Harman Kardon's brand reputation is anything to go by.