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Amaysim announces great value 100GB SIM-only mobile plan

If you're constantly going over your mobile data allowance, you may want to consider one of Amaysim's newly-announced SIM-only plans, with the carrier offering up to 100GB of data per 28 days for only $70. 

Don't need quite that much data per month? Amaysim's $40 and $50 plans might be more your speed, offering 15GB and 20GB respectively over its standard 28-day cycle.

Each of these plans also offers unlimited national talk and text, unlimited international calls (to 10 specific countries) and 300 minutes of international calls to a further 22 countries.

Along with these high data plans, Amaysim has also announced some impressively affordable mobile plans for those customers who don't spend as much time streaming video on their phones. 

Amaysim's 1GB plan comes with unlimited talk and text and is just $10 per 28 days, while $20 will get you 2.5GB of data over the same period. For $30, you can get 5GB of data along with unlimited talk, text and international calls to 10 countries. 

You can find out more about Amaysim's new mobile plans at the carrier's website