Your Samsung Galaxy S10 is about to get better with these Note 10 features

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
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Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 range brought a variety of upgrades to the company's camera system, and many of them are about to be introduced on the Galaxy S10 range thanks to an over-the-air update.

Your Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 Plus will get an update in the near future that brings features like Live Focus Video - that's where you can use bokeh like you would in a portrait mode, but when filming video - as well as Super Steady mode to improve footage you expect to be shaky.

AR Doodle is another big addition. This allows you to draw on your video clips to make Snapchat-like augmented reality creations.

The update also brings Night Mode to the front camera, allowing you to get better quality selfies when in darker locations. It works in a similar way to Night Mode on the rear camera, but this time it's for the front.

Away from the camera, the biggest upgrade here is DeX for PC. This allows you to connect your phone to a monitor in a way that the original DeX did, but this time you won't need a specific monitor setup for it to work.

Samsung has also brought the Link to Windows and Dynamic Lock Screen features from the Note 10 to the handset.

It's currently unclear how long it will take the update to land on your phone, but so far the company has only introduced it for devices in Germany and Switzerland. That suggests devices in the UK will see it before the US, but it's not 100% clear how long we'll have to wait.

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