Your PS5 can now help you save money

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A new PS5 update has dramatically improved the PS Store’s wishlist function, as it will now alert users when a game goes on sale or is available to pre-order.

You’ll need to enable push notifications for 'Wishlist Updates' on your PS5 console and PS App, but the handy new feature will definitely help PlayStation owners save some cash. 

Wishlist notifications also work on PS4, but because you can’t view your list on the console itself, the only way to get alerts is by enabling notifications in the PS app.

Previously, the wishlist would only act as a place to collate all the games you were interested in and would only alert you when they launched or were available to pre-order, which means you could easily miss out on an offer or deal. Now, though, you can sit back and relax, and know that you’ll be promptly informed when Knack goes on sale. 

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With first-party the best PS5 games costing $70 / £70 (and the not so good ones, too), it can definitely pay to be patient if you don’t have the funds or aren’t quite sure a game like Returnal is for you. Sony is often generous with its digital discounts, so there’s nothing to lose (other than savings) if you don’t take advantage of the wishlist function. You can always turn notifications off if the alerts become too distracting.

Analysis: another excellent quality of life feature 

Wishlist alerts have been common on PC for quite some time, with Steam also contacting users when games go on sale. For all its problems, Nintendo’s Switch eShop was actually the first console to provide this functionality for users. It isn’t quite as slick as Sony’s new update, as you receive an email alerting you to the deals instead of push notifications, but is still a great quality of life feature that can help you get your favorite games for less.

The PS5 wishlist update will probably be even more impactful for those who own the PS5 Digital Edition. Physical copies of games are usually always cheaper and can be resold to recoup some of your initial expenditure. But with no Blu-ray disc drive, PS5 Digital Edtion owners are at the mercy of Sony’s PS Store pricing. This new functionality should at least ensure you can take full advantage of all the discounts when they come around. 

Of course, the best way to save on PS5 is still to sign up for PlayStation Plus. The service lets you play games online, but also includes monthly PS Plus free games, discounts, and perks to enjoy.

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