Your Fitbit can finally detect snoring – and that's important

Fitbit Sense
(Image credit: Fitbit)

Your Fitbit Sense or Versa 3 can now monitor for sounds at night, including snoring. The feature was first spotted back in May, when 9to5Google spotted details in the installation files for Fitbit's Android app.

Now, the tool is finally available to use. If you have one of the two compatible devices, you should be able to open the Fitbit app, tap your latest sleep record on the homescreen, and see a new option to check for snoring. As 9to5Google explains, your watch can detect the volume of noise in your bedroom at night, and listen out for snoring specifically.

Snoring is usually nothing to worry about, and is simply caused by vibrations in your tongue, mouth, or airways as you breathe during the night. However, as the UK's National Health Service explains, it can be a result of breathing difficulties such as your tongue partially blocking your throat, your mouth falling open while you sleep, or having particularly narrow nasal passages.

These can all be quite easily resolved without any medication, using simple devices that hold your nostrils open, bring your tongue forward in your mouth, or hold your mouth closed at night.

Man wearing nose clip to prevent snoring

Snoring can sometimes be resolved with a simple plastic clip that keeps your nasal passages open at night (Image credit: Andrey Popov / Shutterstock)

If your Fitbit reports that you're snoring and you often feel very tired in the morning, your doctor may want to check for sleep apnea – a condition where your breathing stops and starts during the night.

Can't see the new option?

Owners of other Fitbits (including the recently released Fitbit Luxe and Fitbit Charge 5) may be disappointed to learn that their watch isn't getting the new tool, but the reason is a simple hardware one: only the Sense and Versa 3 have the necessary microphone. 

These are both premium smartwatches, with price tags to match, but as voice controls become more mainstream we'll hopefully start to see cheaper Fitbits equipped with microphones that will support snore detection.

Woman in bed looking at Fitbit Luxe

The Fitbit Luxe doesn't support snore detection (Image credit: Fitbit)

If you own one of the compatible watches and can't see the snore detection option yet, don't worry; it appears to be rolling out gradually, and you should get it soon.

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