You can now buy the Fitbit Versa smartwatch


Fitbit's second smartwatch is now on sale after being announced in March this year and if you order the Fitbit Versa today you could have the watch on your wrist as soon as tomorrow.

Retailers including Fitbit itself are now selling the watch and delivering it right away, and if you've pre-ordered the watch in the last few weeks it should be either on your wrist already or on its way to your door.

Below we've put together the best prices we've seen for the Fitbit Versa so far, but as it's a new product there isn't much variation in the price. A lot of retailers are selling it for the £199.99 / $199.95 / AU$299.95 RRP that Fitbit has set and you'll struggle to find it for any less.

In our Fitbit Versa review, we said "while its feature set isn’t quite on par with that of its bigger brother the Ionic, the Fitbit Versa feels like the same watch but with a lighter and friendlier design and a much lower price point."

We loved the design, lower price point than the Fitbit Ionic and customization options available. Bear in mind though that it's not the perfect watch as it doesn't have GPS - so you won't be able to track your location on a run - and we found the battery life isn't as good as last year's watch.