Xiaomi's smartwatch is finally coming to the UK

Xiaomi Mi Watch
(Image credit: Xiaomi)

In September 2020 we first saw the Xiaomi Mi Watch, the first Xiaomi smartwatch to get a launch outside China, (not including its Mi Band fitness trackers), but it never reached the shores of the UK. It seems like that's about to change though.

On Twitter, Xiaomi UK confirmed the Mi Watch will land in the UK "before you know it", and that we'll get launch information on March 16, at an event we already knew about that's set to provide UK availability information on the Mi 11, the brand's newest flagship smartphone.

This release information is somewhat of a surprise, given it's been six months since the watch was launched, and four since a budget Mi Watch Lite version was unveiled. Many therefore assumed the smartwatches would never reach the UK, a precedent set by previous Xiaomi wearables. It's still not clear if the Lite will, as that wasn't mentioned in the announcement.

There's no word on a UK price for the Xiaomi Mi Watch just yet, but it cost €99 in Europe, so a sub-£100 price is possible. If we know Xiaomi, the company will also possibly offer bundles combining the Mi 11 and Mi Watch for a reduced price too.

According to rumors, the OnePlus Watch is launching towards the end of March, so this timing from Xiaomi could be prescient, getting in just ahead of competition. Or maybe this six-month delay was part of Xiaomi's plan all along - the company did say the smartwatch would come to the UK 'soon', but that was in September.

Either way, we should soon be able to test the Xiaomi Mi Watch, and see if it's a good smartwatch for you. Look for more news on March 16 surrounding all the products Xiaomi is bringing to the UK.

Tom Bedford

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