Xiaomi 12 design leak shows another cyclops-like smartphone

Xiaomi Mi 11
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For a while the Xiaomi 12 wasn't leaking much, even though it's expected to launch in December - that's no longer the case, and the anticipated Android phone is starting to come together.

We've now heard multiple pieces of information about the phone's rear camera bump, which make the upcoming device sound very... Xiaomi.

Firstly, a leaker on Chinese social media platform Weibo has provided imagery of the back of the Xiaomi, showing what looks like the back plate of the mobile. Accompanying the post is a render created based on this panel - it's not an official image.

The picture shows a camera bump with one giant main camera, two smaller ones below it on the left side, and a flash as well as what looks like a light sensor on the right. Judging by the picture, Xiaomi is embracing the 'giant-eye'd Cyclops' look that it's used before on phones like the Mi 10T Pro.

We don't know right now what these cameras are - presumably, the big one is the main camera, perhaps with a super-sized 50MP or 108MP sensor. The render shows '50MP' on the camera bump, and that's a commonly-leaked spec, but it's hard to be sure without solid information.

As well as big, this Xiaomi 12 bump could be good-looking, as a separate leak from prolific leaker Digital Chat Station has commented on the coating the camera module will have - apparently, "it uses a new processing technology to look and feel more coordinated with the AG glass body".

This likely means that the camera bump is getting some kind of coating to ensure it looks similar to the rest of the phone - presumably this will give it a particular glaze or sparkle. It could also give the module extra protection, which will be important if it sticks out as far as the images suggest.

Analysis: sticking with the three-camera setup

Both the Xiaomi 12 back plate and Digital Chat Station's leak suggest the upcoming phone will have three rear cameras, as did the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Ultra.

That's an intriguing change of strategy for the brand from the days of the Mi Note 10 with five rear snappers or the Mi 10 with four.

We're not complaining though, as often extra lenses on phones are more useful for fleshing out a specs list than improving photography in any way - sometimes three is better than four or five.

Two of the cameras will almost definitely be a main and ultra-wide snapper, and the third could be a macro like on the Mi 11, or telephoto which many brands opt to use for zoom pictures.

We'll have to wait and see - the Xiaomi 12 is expected to launch in December so we won't be twiddling our thumbs long.

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