Xbox Series X may not be delayed by coronavirus, but new Microsoft Surface products could be

Microsoft Surface Neo
(Image credit: Microsoft)

It doesn't look like the Xbox Series X will be delayed by coronavirus, but Microsoft's new Surface products might be. 

That's according to an update by Microsoft, which reveals that coronavirus has resulted in Windows OEM and Surface products being "more negatively impacted than previously anticipated" and the company not expecting to reach its Q3 financial guidance for this year. 

That means we could see the upcoming Surface Neo and Surface Duo- due for release late in 2020 - delayed. We are also expecting Microsoft to release a Surface Pro 8 later this year, which may also be impacted.

Microsoft explained in the update that its "More Personal Computing" products have been impacted as "the supply chain is returning to normal operations at a slower pace than anticipated".

Microsoft's products are primarily manufactured in China, which has been hit hardest by the coronavirus. 

But what about Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft didn't mention Xbox in its update, but did state that "all other components of our Q3 guidance remain unchanged".

As we previously reported, it doesn't seem likely that the Xbox Series X will be delayed by coronavirus, due to a variety of factors. The next-gen console is also due for release in late 2020, but we don't think that window, or the Xbox Series X price, will be impacted.

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