What's both boiling hot and cool at the same time? T3's Hot 100 reveals all

T3's hot 100 - a list that will get you talking
T3's hot 100 - a list that will get you talking

There aren't many tech lists that include the Internet of Things, an augmented reality headset that won't even arrive this year and the gadget de jour - the Apple Watch - but T3's Hot 100 manages to do exactly that.

T3's Hot 100 is a list of the hottest tech (duh) assembled by a panel of experts, including TechRadar obviously, and aims to break down all of those troublesome 'is it a brand or a person or a meme or something Wil.I.am wrote down on the back of an envelope and put on instagram?' questions we all have, by just deciding what's hot and what's not.

That makes it one of the most eclectic ranking lists around, and, although you'll have to wait until the magazine is on sale (or you can download the iPad mag of course) we've had a sneak peak at the top ten and we can tell you it is jam-packed with things that we should all be excited about.

The Top 10:

Apple Watch
Electric Vehicles
Microsoft HoloLens
HTC One M9
Internet of Things / Home Tech
Dyson 360 Eye
BMX i8
Samsung Gear VR

You can get the full list from T3 magazine in newsagents and on digital news stands.

Patrick Goss

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