US Navy ready to deploy laser weapons

US Navy laser
Don't forget to add your own sound effects when watching the video below

The US Navy says it will deploy laser weapons into the field in 2014, and have published a video showing what they are capable of.

You'll have to supply your own "pew pew" sound effects though. While obviously effective, this real world laser operates almost invisibly. Firing at a drone, the video shows the laser targeting the glider, and moments later the drone catching on fire and plummeting towards the ocean below.

The laser gun will be deployed next year aboard a ship with the unfortunate moniker USS Ponce. This ship is stationed off the coast of Iran, so there is a good chance it could see some action targeting Iranian UAVs.

This deployment could the first of many. too. According to Wired, the main attraction of laser weapons is cost, compared to the expense of bullets and rockets. That's the official line from the US government, though we wager they also love the idea of being the only bad-asses on the battlefield packing lasers.

Via Wired

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