This hoverbike is real, functional and looks super dangerous

This working hoverbike is the ultimate DIY project

YouTuber-slash-madman Colin Furze strikes again, this time lifting off in a homemade hoverbike.

Building a fully functional thermite cannon last month must not have sated Furze's appetite for construction, as the Tube's resident mad scientist was tasked in a sponsored video with Ford to come up with one of his most complex projects thus far: a working hoverbike.

Propelled by two massive powerfans, Furze's DIY contraption reminds me of those speederbikes the Imperial scouts ride in Return of the Jedi - if it were made in a garage by a UK plumber who admits to having "no engineering qualifications and no experience in flying."

Despite a self-reported lack of formal training, Furze is undoubtedly an expert craftsman. His process building the hovercraft is documented via separate videos on his YouTube page - detailing everything from shopping for the right motors to installing guards over the frame so he doesn't chop his own legs off.

While I imagine the general public doesn't have access to the materials, tools, space and experience Furze does, I'm going to go ahead and slap a "Do Not Try This At Home" disclaimer in here, especially once you eye the man's other projects, such as his firework rocket launcher or automated Wolverine claws. [Editor's Note: Seriously, don't do it.]

Parker Wilhelm
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