Sony to launch cloud storage service next week

Sony cloud based service coming soon
PlayMemories Online signals a push by Sony to move towards the iCloud model

Sony wants to make a name for itself in the cloud-based storage business with its new service, PlayMemories Online.

Consumers got a sneak peak at PlayMemories Online last month when it was a cloud-storage photo service offered on PlayStation 3,


, and

PS Vita


For $15 - roughly the price of 4GB of memory on the Vita for 4,000 3.0 megapixel photos - photo enthusiasts could use these game devises to organize, edit, and share videos and photos to sites such as Facebook.

Now, Sony will bring that service to smart phones, tablets, computers, Sony Bravia TVs, and Sony cameras - or every screen in the Sony-centered household.

For the initial launch, PlayMemories Online users will get 5GB of cloud storage for free in six countries - the US, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, and the UK.

PlayMemories taking on iCloud

The launch of PlayMemories Online signals a push by Sony to move towards the iCloud model for consumer data storage and management.

Like iCloud, PlayMemories Online utilizes the full suite of hardware from the parent company.

Outside of Sony's tactile network, Android and iOS users will also have apps for Sony's service at launch, along with Windows and Mac users' hub service, called PlayMemories Home.

PlayMemories Online probably sounds like a move towards hardware saturation because it is, and Sony's not the only manufacturer looking to dominate in proprietary cloud services.

Along with HP's CloudDrive and the Lenovo Cloud, Samsung is reportedly working on rolling out a cloud service of its own, presumably to pair with the release of the Galaxy S III.

Sony Ubiquity

While majority market coverage may still be a dream for Sony, the expansion of the Sony Entertainment Network with PlayMemories Online signals a meaningful strategic shift in that direction.

PlayMemories Online advertisements primarily feature the video and photo-sharing services, but Sony describes it as inclusive of "digital music services" as well.

If an iTunes competitor is in the works, this would be the hardware suite to deliver it.

There's no word yet as to whether or not Sony will bundle PlayMemories software with Sony hardware purchases, but it's a good bet.

Look for PlayMemories Online next week when it drops onto every processor since the Apple II's 6502.

Via PC World, InformationWeek