One More Thing: Swarovski's ruined the Samsung Galaxy S3 for you

One More Thing: Swarovski's ruined the Samsung Galaxy S3 for you
Truly awful

No thanks - Swarovski is still vying for the title of World's Least Attractive Gadget Makeoverer with this Samsung Galaxy S3 Swarovski edition, featuring 500 crystals, yours for £2,099. Ick. [Pocket-Lint]

Vibratone - The iPhone 5 vibrates in a different way to the iPhone 4/S and if you want to know more about that than it will ever be necessary to know unless you're in the vibration business, then have a little click of the source link. [TNW]

Crapple - Every tech company worth its salt is getting its Apple digs in now that Maps has turned out to be such a fail. Motorola's the latest, with its cheeky advert for the Droid Razr M proving that it can find an imaginary address using Google Maps way better than the iOS Maps app can. [Venture Beat]

Typo - A man has been arrested and charged after accidentally sending a saucy text meant for his girlfriend to his entire BlackBerry address book, including a couple of kids he knows. Despite the whole thing being a hugely embarrassing accident, he's been given a nine month suspended jail term and may be listed on the sex offenders' register. Disturbing. [PC Pro]

Trash - Like buses, you wait ages for a Steve Jobs sculpture then two come along at once. This one isn't as realistic as Madame Tussauds' waxwork, but it does have the added bonus of being made of rubbish the artist scalped from Jobs's bins before he died. Nice. [Slashgear]


Can't touch this - MC Hammer nearly side stepped his way into a computer game during the mid-90s after developers GTE started work on Hammer vs. Evil D. in Soulfire. Thankfully someone came and put a STOP (hammer time) to this before it made it out the door. [Kotaku]

iPhone 5 is cheap - We kid you not, over the course of a year your iPhone 5 will only set you back 25p, while the pricey Galaxy S3 costs a staggering 32p per annum. Before you start pointing out obvious flaws, let us say this is how much you'll need to charge your phone for a year - so yes, you'll still have to shell out hundreds of hard earned pounds. [ElectricPig]

Nowhere to hide - The US Naval Surface Warfare Center has developed an app that secretly records your environment and reconstructs it as a 3D model for a malicious user to breathe heavily over. I can see you… [TechnologyReview]

Google's iContacts - Google has come up with a new open protocol called CardDAV (fancy right?) which will make it dead easy for third party applications, such as the iOS contacts list, to sync with your Google contacts. Lovely. [GMailBlog]

Rubbish food - It's the age old dilemma, you've got loads of food scraps, a wilting plant and no way to tend to both. Well you're in luck, because *snigger* Fanny Nilsson has invented the Re-Feed which chops up your leftovers, coverts it into plant food, then pumps it into the pot. World, saved. [TechnaBob]

Going for gold - The T3 Awards ceremony is happening in just a week and a bit, and the techsters across the office have just announced who'll be compering: Mr Christian O'Connell of Absolute Radio Breakfast Show fame. He says, "What man doesn't love a gadget? They are the new rock 'n' roll - irresistible to us all." Even ladies! []

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