One More Thing: Someone's staring at your dodgy file-sharing

Just because you're paranoid... – If you are in the business of sharing files in an illegal manner (on the internet we mean, not a dodgy exchange between filing cabinets) then you are more than likely being monitored by one of the many monitoring firms around. Try saying that ten times fast. [BBC]

Porn free – There are only three days left to protest against the potential implementation of a mandatory porn filter for ISPs in the UK. So, pull up your trousers, compose yourself and get your voice heard if you want adult content to not be an opt-in system in blighty. []

OLED astraySamsung has admitted that it has no idea of the whereabouts of two of its OLED TVs. They were last seen being shipped to Berlin for IFA 2012 but never actually arrived at the show. Given that they cost around $10,000 each the company kind of wants them back so is investigating their whereabouts. We're guessing they've checked under the couch. [Inquirer]

Web through the years – Oh, how this wonderful thing called the internet has changed. Don't believe us? Then check out this lovely infograph that offers a look into what the web looked liked in days of yore. [Pinterest]

Mouse in the house – Now this is impressive: a mouse that folds flat so it can be stored in your laptop's CD drive. Unfortunately it is still a concept but as concepts go it is an awesome one. [Reddit / YankoDesign]


Trollo-allo - The person who mercilessly cyber-attacked Nicola Brookes for empathising with X Factor brat Frankie Cocozza on Facebook turns out to be a 32 year old policeman. But it's okay, the allegations "do not relate to use of police systems". So that's all right then. [BBC]

So here I am - Dig out your baggy jeans, hunt down that wallet chain and dust off that beanie, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD is now available on PS3 via PSN. And Sinead O'Nostalgia: Goldfinger's Superman is still on the soundtrack. [Activision]

Missed opportunity of the day – apparently Nintendo nearly launched a knitting add-on for the NES, with the thoroughly wonderful tagline: "Now you're knitting with power." We want one. [IGN]

Nintendo Knits

Ebox - Ebooks are nice but they don't make great presents, let's face it. Enter This Written World, which is shilling 'boxettes' of ebook collections (on USB) coupled with a special, relevant leaflet thing delivered together in a box. The first in the range is a Dickens boxset for the not inconsiderable price of £19.99. [This Written World]

Does music streaming make artists any money? - it's the age old question, and the singer from Parks and Gardens says no, not really. Josh Davison reckons he needs three streams on iTunes Match or ten streams on Spotify to garner a cent. It's a bigger picture kind of issue though – you might not make money directly from streaming but it could net you new fans, who'll buy gig tickets, tote bags and even – gasp - CDs. [TNW]

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