One More Thing: Optimus G fights Galaxy S3 to the battery death, wins

One More Thing: LG Optimus G fights S3 to the battery death, wins
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Battery strife - LG's not having anyone thinking it's not as good as Samsung just because Samsung's sold more phones and that. It pitted the LG Optimus G's 2100mAh battery against the

Samsung Galaxy S3

's 2100mAh battery and the Optimus G, conveniently, came out on top. [

The Korea Herald


Tall tab tales - Carphone Warehouse reckons the Nexus 7 has become its best-selling Android tablet ever, proclaiming "record numbers" sold and, incidentally, here's some marketing spiel. Sadly it failed to respond to our requests for clarification, so we don't know if that's by percentage ratio or sheer volume, we don't even know a ball-park figure for how many have been sold and we have no idea what the second- and third-best-selling Android tablets are at Carphone Warehouse. Also on the list of things we don't know is how the Nexus 7 sales compare to iPad sales at the outlet. Not all that favourably, we'd wager. [PR]

To the cloud! – Pirate Bay has made a tactical move to the cloud, using several cloud hosting providers around the world. It'll mean less downtime and cut costs – oh, and make the site almost impossible for the police to shut down. Bonus. [Torrent Freak]

Instagrammatically correct - These clever clogs made a stop motion film entirely out of Instagram images – and it's not even all that twee! Worth three minutes of your time, we'd say. [Vimeo]

BEP-boop - Ubisoft is suing the Black Eyed Peas, something many of us have wanted to do for a long time. Rather than claiming damages for the band bringing that song (you know the one) into the world, the games maker wants justice after it developed The Black Eyed Peas Experience for iPad and iPhone and the band failed to give or deny approval. Where is the love, guys? Where is the love? [BBC]

Story time - Twitter is running a fiction festival for no obvious reason and you – yes you – could take part. If you've got an idea for a story that you could tell over Twitter, pitch it here. Then tune in to five days of fictional fun from November 28 by tracking the hashtag #twitterfiction (or blocking it if you think it sounds lame). [Twitter]

Game on - OMT doesn't know what you look for in a videogame these days, but if it doesn't let you dress up as a giant chipmunk and kill people, well, then we don't want to play it. [Eurogamer]

Mowbot - If we had this Honda robotic lawnmower we'd take it to the park just to show off. [Gizmodo UK]

Robot mower

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