One More Thing: Microsoft employees get Surface freebie

One More Thing: Microsoft employees get Surface freebie
Take this tablet and call me in the morning

Soft touchMicrosoft has found a way to shift 90,000 Surface tablets without batting an eyelid. It's done this by giving every full time employee in its company a tablet. Look out for cheap Surfaces on eBay soon, then. [WebPro News]

RIP English, part 284,723 - BBM is in the dictionary now. Not like a proper one though, only the Collins English Dictionary. So that's okay. [RIM]

Woz alert – Steve Wozniak has a thing or two to say about the iPhone 5 and those things are these: 1. he hopes the camera is better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Motorola Razr. 2. He hates patent wars and wishes we could all just get along. For the kids. [All Things D]

Fast and loose - The Prince Charles Cinema in London which is a good cinema and we recommend it, has 'hired' 'ninjas' to stop people using their phones in the theatres. Really they're just people in lycra outfits but they're definitely better than those Orange adverts and that's what counts. [Slashfilm]

Pop pirate - France has some new laws about piracy and the first man to fall foul of them is the husband of a Rihanna fan. His wife downloaded two Rihanna tracks on the internet connection he pays for, thus elegantly highlighting the problems of a catch-all piracy fining system. [BBC]

Intern-imable – Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson are shooting a "comedy" about "recently laid off 40-somethings who hatch a diabolical scheme to land coveted internships at Google" - which sounds a lot like that time in Friends when Chandler quit his job and interned at an ad agency and hilarity ensued. [All Things D]

How low can you Tiesto? – Superstar DJ Tiesto has decided to follow in the footsteps of Dr Dre and 50 Cent and release his own line of headphones, with AKG. According to the press blurb, the 'phones "deliver a terrific level of style and substance and will appeal to a broad range of users". So expect your Gran to don a pair soon. [PR]


Guess Who's back? – The BBC Radiophonic Workshop are the folks behind the Doctor Who theme tune and now the Beeb has decided to put their rest of their content online and will be available in the awesome confines of [Gizmodo UK]

Lego Pi – Some clever bods have created a Rapberry Pi supercomputer with a little help from Lego. The colourful building blocks have been used to cluster all the Pis together, of which there are 54 in all. [Register]

Spoti in the money – Spotify looks to almost double its money bounty this year with analysts reckoning that it will hit the hallowed $4 billion mark up from an estimated $2.2 billion. We can picture Daniel Ek now diving into a vat of cash Scrooge McDuck style while listening to the latest stream of Enya. [Hollywood Reporter]

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