One More Thing: Kim Dotcom is back in a big way

One More Thing: Kim Dotcom is back in a big way
Who wouldn't buy this single? We don't even need to hear it to know it's amazing

Kim Dotcom update - Too much exciting Kim Dotcom news! He's out of prison and back under house arrest! He's joined Twitter! He's had

Woz over for tea

! He's decided to make that music site


after all! He's

releasing a single

! He seems to be implying that he IS God! If he keeps this up, we may be forced to rename the column One More KIM DOTCOM UPDATE. [

The Stool Pigeon


Boom - A new phone is nothing until reports of it spontaneously combusting come to light. So please welcome the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the stage: you're a real smartphone now. [Gizmodo UK]

Blip – Lovely reader-cum-social-networking app Flipboard has officially landed on Android, making its debut bundled with the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the US. It's not doing the Google thing by halves, either, as it comes with Google+ and YouTube bits and pieces too. [TNW]

Bliz - A Canadian gamer with a lot of time on his hands has finished Diablo III on hardcore setting in just over a month. Yes, but what has he actually achieved? Precisely what will he show his grandkids? Oh, this news story on the BBC? Okay then. [BBC]

Terrifying glimpse of the future of the day – In the absence of any loved one, OMT wants to go out to the soothing sounds of Kenny Loggins' '80s hit Footloose and not being 'comforted' by a disembodied robotic voice reminding us of how very alone we are. In fact, in a list of ways we want to die, in bed being 'stroked' and 'soothed' by this Last Moment Robot is somewhere just below being flayed alive, covered in salt and rolled down a hill into a shark-infested pool. [DVICE]

Taylor – We're not big into keyboard apps here on OMT but Swiftkey 3 has hit Google Play and it comes with a Tron-style neon theme that we were gently encouraged to mention by mobile devices ed Gareth who said if we didn't he'd tell our mums or something and, well, he's a lot bigger than OMT so... Swiftkey is really accurate now, and doctors use it and, and, and… WAH. [PR]

Draw this - Ever at the cutting edge, Windows Phone now has Draw Something and Words With Friends. Coming soon: horrorscope apps, Snake, the wheel. [Engadget]

Bookish - In the US, they can borrow ebooks from libraries but – and this has the experts baffled – most people aren't. Is this because real books are better? Hmm? Is it? Well, maybe, but maybe it's just because people don't realise. And maybe because people who use libraries can't afford to buy books and therefore can't afford to buy ereaders. [Reuters]

Pickles - From Monday June 25 you'll be able to buy the Jawbone Big Jambox (or, as they call it, BIG JAMBOX) for £259. It is not a big box of jam, rather a portable speaker that's quite pleased with its own ability to pump up the jam …box. You can also use it as a speakerphone but presumably the name Phonebox was taken. [PR]

Singin in the rain - And finally, here's a glowing LED umbrella. Yes, that'll cheer up those rainy days. Or at the very least give you a serious earworm given its name: Ella-Ella LED Umbrella [Viewquest]

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