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Today we check in with Kim Dotcom, whose time in prison isn't much to his tastes. Meanwhile, Sony gets defensive, Apple gets all parental guidance on us, a ten year old's adventures in science put the rest of us to shame and an imaginary TV fails to enter reality.

La vida Vita – Look, there are no problems with sales of the PS Vita, okay? Sales in Japan are fine. They're off to "a good start". There won't be "any problems" selling it here in February. Now leave us alone, Sony's CFO Masaru Kato might as well have said on an earnings call with analysts. [



Expletive deleted – iTunes Match doesn't approve of effing and jeffing, with a "bug" apparently matching explicit tracks to their clean equivalents. Apple says it is working on a fix, but if its prudish past is anything to go by, we don't imagine it's working all that hard on it. [9 to 5 Mac]

Weekly Kim Dotcom update – Online "supervillain" Kim Dotcom doesn't seem all that keen on jail, claiming that he's had a few "funny visits" from people while in there. Sadly for him, he's just had a bail appeal rejected – apparently his three passports and bank accounts in various names make him quite the flight risk. [Guardian]

Facebook fail – Say your local police department put you up as Creep of the Week on Facebook because you were wanted for rape, what would you do? Keep a low profile? Or would you go on Facebook and comment on the page? "Good thing I moved out of the state," said Dustin McCombs, not realising he can be extradited back to Alabama to stand trial. "Dustin, be quiet. Do not talk about the case here," said the Sheriff's office. [The Daily What]


Overachiever – 10-year-old Clara Lazen accidentally put two and two together and came out with a never-before-discovered explosive molecule dubbed tetranitratoxycarbon. Now she's listed as co-author on the academic paper on the molecule's structure and content and that. Overachiever. [Gizmodo UK]

Nokia's Comeback – Crazed Nokia fans in Finland queued for up to eight hours to get their hands on the Nokia Lumia 800 when it launched in its home country earlier this week. Such is the appetite for the Windows Phone handset that it is now sold out in some stores, with demand "almost as high" as for the actual iPhone. [YLE and Kauppalehti]

Win Pho app attack – Couple of new apps on the Windows Phone block today: Vimeo (you know, classy YouTube) brings good-looking HD video watching and uploading to the 'Pho, while rumour has it that Microsoft is testing Skype for Windows Phone with a MWC 2012 debut on the cards. [The Verge, Ubergizmo]

Gamers, take heed – Next time you're out for a 24-hour gaming session, recall if you will the cautionary tale of Chen Rong-yu who died upright in his chair in an internet café in Taiwan and sat there, post-mortem, for nine hours before anyone noticed. [TNW]

Imaginary TV still imaginary – Apple's mythical iTV's imaginary launch has been "delayed" because of choked display panel supply. Of course, it hasn't been scheduled so it can't be delayed. It might not even be real. Still, we're honour-bound to tell you these things. [Digitimes]

Just hit play - Skyrim and lightsabers, together at last. [Kotaku]

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