One More Thing: Grooveshark does the Android hokey-cokey

One More Thing: Grooveshark does the Android hokey-cokey
Wait, wrong shark

Jumped the shark - Controversial music app Grooveshark was available in Google Play but now it's gone again. Sorry. [



Glovely – Google has patented some kind of creepy glove thing that has cameras and other sensors allowing you to 'see' with your hands. Like 99.9374 per cent of tech patents, we hope this one is just Old Uncle G just having a bit of a laugh. [The Register]

Spicey - Old Spice did another excellent viral video but then you already knew that, didn't you? Still not quite as good as Grover's Old Spice parody though. [Old Spice]

Golden delicious - One of the first Apple computers built by Steves Jobs and Wozniak, presumably in a shed, is going up for auction at Christie's. You want it? You better get your hands on around £80,000 by October 9. [Telegraph]

Stat attack - A quarter of 500 Brits interviewed by Bose say they are baffled by audio systems. Baffled, or just not really that bothered? [Bose]

Catnip - Over 10,000 people attended the first cat video festival. Predictably, the high-brow critics favourite Henri 2, Paw de Deux won the first people's choice cat video award. Over 10,000 people. Cat videos. In a field. OMT shakes its head. [CatVidFest]

Cowabunga - If you're looking for something three-dimensional to watch on your 3D TV and enjoy the exploits of ageing Aussie surfers, Sky is going to be showing Storm Surfers 3D on Sky 3D from this weekend. We had a sneak preview of the show and the 3D waves were something to behold (if a little sea-sickness inducing). [Sky]

Highbrow, lowbrow - The Barnes & Noble Nook is going to be sold in proper bookshops Foyles and Blackwell's as well as, um, Argos. [PR]

Colourblock - Pure's Sensia 200D Connect FM, DAB radio and music streamer extravaganza now comes in three stylish autumnal shades. Lucky the weather's taken a turn then. [Pure]

Balloonneer - Remember when Dyson made a balloon obstacle course using Air Multiplier fans and we all wanted to have a go? Now we can; Dyson engineers helped create this iOS balloon game app which promises to be rather addictive all the way up to level 61. There goes the weekend. [iTunes]

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