One More Thing: BBC celebrates record-breaking online Olympics

One More Thing: BBC celebrates record-breaking online Olympics
Most successful online event

Olympic achievement – The Olympics is officially the most successful online event ever, according to the BBC, notching up 55m global browsers to BBC Sport online, 106 million requests for BBC Olympic video content across all online platforms and 9.2 million UK mobile browsers to the BBC's Olympics coverage. Great stuff – but let's not mention the closing ceremony ever again, people. You with us? Good. [BBC]

Jailhouse rock – Kim Dotcom promises that between jail stints, single releases and dates with Woz he will find the time to launch his music service, Megabox, this year. [Torrent Freak]

Flicker - You should keep your eyes peeled even when you're on the internet. While casually flicking through the many and varied photos of bugs on Flickr, as you do, entomologist (bug-studier) Shaun Winterton spotted a new one and now he's named it after his daughter. Lucky girl. [NPR]

Retina dismay - The BBC's iPlayer for iOS has had a bit of an update, bringing Retina Graphics and better video performance to the Apple-flavoured goggle box app. Oh The Beeb, you do spoil us. [Gizmodo UK]

Who is the walrus? - The Olympics may be over but everyone's still banging on about it, with Twitter reporting that Usain Bolt takes gold for Twitter mentions (sorry) as well as causing the biggest spikes of tweets per minute for his 200m and 100m medals. Honorary Englishman Andy Murray's victory over Federer to take the tennis gold was the next most tweeted moment. [Twitter]

Ah, comedy - Unsurprisingly, no one has bid $999.99 for a set of headphones for cats. [YouTube]

Thanks for the ad – Lynx, ever the social media darlings, has announced a new advert that turns into a game when you sprinkle a little QR magic on to it. The banner is part of the Lynx Attract campaign and 'brings gaming to life on YouTube' apparently. If you are itching to play the game then you will have to wait till midnight tonight and it will be playable all the way till 4PM the next day. [Facebook]

Gotye remixes Gotye – 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' admirer Gotye has decided enough is enough with all the parodies of his 'Sombebody I Used To Know' song on YouTube and has decided to get in on the action itself, by remixing his own song by using all the covers. Sound confusing? It is but makes for a compelling watch. [The Verge]

Zuck who's talking – Mark Zuckerberg is possibly one of the most recognisable faces on the planet thanks to Facebook making him a billionaire before he's hit the ripe old age of 30. Most recognisable to everyone, except NBC who think that Jesse Eisenberg, the actor who played Zuck in The Social Network, is actually Mark Zuckerberg. Oh, dear. [Business Insider]

Drag race – Ever wandered what a video of an iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3 dragged behind a car would look like? Nope, us either, but Cool Smartphone has created such a thing to show off the durability of the two phones. Yes, it's a silly video, and TechRadar would never make a silly video itself but it is interesting viewing. [Coolsmartphone]

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