One More Thing: Are you important enough for a custom Google+ URL?

One More Thing: Are you important enough for a custom Google+ URL?
We'd have gone with D-Beck, but whatever

Minus one - Famous people and brands can now claim a custom Google+ URL of their very own. Apparently reeling off URLs like wasn't proving very popular. The proles will be getting the same functionality eventually so bad luck to anyone else called David Beckham or Hugo Boss because they have definitely already been baggsied. [Google]

Hide from feed - Soon there'll be an option for every major life-changing event in a drop-down menu on Facebook and you'll never have to think of anything to say for yourself again. Today's Timeline addition: "Expecting a baby…" [Facebook]

Tiny dancer - Like the rest of the internet, OMT went gaga for Berg Cloud's Little Printer which prints out little bits and pieces from publications and messages from friends. It's cute, but is it £200 cute? We're not convinced but if you have the cash to burn then you can now pre-order it from the company for delivery in October. [Berg Cloud]

It's not easy having green - Alexa Dell, daughter of Michael, has had to basically, like, quit the internet because, like every other 18-year-old, she kept telling everyone where she was, what she was doing and every other inane thought that passed through her head on Twitter and Facebook. Unlike most other 18-year-olds, she was undermining a $2.7 million a year security operation. A hard knock life indeed. [Telegraph]

Gaming makes you blind – In a bid to add a bit of retro fun to its window coverings, Direct Blind has come up with a new 8-bit videogame range of blinds. So, if you fancy waking up to Pac-Man, a mushroom, space invader or ghost every morning without the aid of any illicit substances, then these are for you. [DirectBlinds]

pac-man blind

Chocs away – Forget finding the Holy Grail, the University of Warwick has done one better – it's created fat-free chocolate. The key, apparently, is to take out all the fat and replace it with fruit juice. Wonder if it works on humans, too? [SlashGear]

No more channel surfing – The owner of illegal streaming site SurfTheChannel has been sentenced to four years in jail, after being found guilty of 'conspiracy to defraud'. If you think it's a harsh sentence, well you are not the only one as the Pirate Party pointed out that the sentence is "twice the maximum you get for copyright infringement". Ouch. [Gizmodo]

Sexting is all about the dic – US dictionary Merriam-Webster has added a number of new words to its book, including sexting, F-bomb and earworm. It's part of the dictionary's yearly update where 100 words are added. We're disappointed poop sock wasn't included. [PR]

Getting ants-y – Fire ants apparently love technology so much that they actively seek it out to nibble on and destroy. Yes, it sounds like science fiction but the BBC has caught them in the act and it's pretty awesome to watch. [Gizmodo]

Big things have small beginnings - Prometheus-bot David doesn't seem so outlandishly futuristic after Disney Research's latest development: eerily realistic robot faces with synthetic skin and natural-ish animation to boot. We'll be seeing it later, in our nightmares. [Disney Research]

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