Is the Energy Star mark becoming meaningless?

In the rush to ensure all new consumer tech products are green, is the Energy Star mark becoming meaningless?

Has the ubiquitous Energy Star mark negatively impacted on the standards for energy-efficient consumer technology goods?

Forbes notes this week that as the State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Progam (aka Cash for Appliances) is being heavily promoted, that it is, "difficult to find some appliances that aren't Energy Star certified".

In 2008, for example, 79 per cent of all TV sets and 67 per cent of all dishwashers were Energy Star-qualified.

Means less to consumers

MNN reported back in November that an internal audit found that less-than-worthy appliances had received Energy Star certification due to improper tracking.

"EPA cannot be certain ENERGY STAR products are the more energy-efficient and cost-effective choice for consumers," that audit clearly stated.

Celia Lehrman of Consumer Reports tells Forbes: "It makes the Energy Star worth a little less to the consumer if it's something everybody's got.

Via Forbes