Apple more minted than Google

Maybe it's time for Apple to change its logo from silver to gold

It had to happen sooner or later, and according to some blogs it has happened sooner, but Apple is now worth more than Google, according to market capital.

Now, we would love to tell you that this news has come from our personal Wall Street advisors, but it hasn't, we were told by our good friends at about Apple's windfall.

Big Apples

Current figures show Apple to be worth $159.37 billion (£85 billion), while Google, who in all respects won't really be crying about this loss, is only making $157.56 (£84 billion).

This equates to a difference of around $1.6 billion (£858 million). Now we were going to amusingly explain what this would buy you in real terms, but has pipped us to the post on this as well.

So, you will just have to make do with us saying that that is a lot of money. But not as much as Microsoft, who currently holds a market share of $254.83 billion (£136 billion). Ouch!