Intel bringing the 'Silly Cone Chips' flavour to Vivid

Silly Cone Chips gelato
Tastiest Intel product ever

When we think of Intel, the last thing that springs to mind is popping candy, crushed chocolate chip cookies and a mango/coconut swirl, but thanks to Gelato Messina and Vivid Festival that's all about to change.

In order to celebrate the spectacular light show that Vivid festival brings to Sydney every year, dessert sensation Gelato Messina has teamed up with Intel to create the new gelato flavour dubbed "Silly Cone Chips." See what they did there?

In addition to the mouth-watering goodness listed above, the limited edition flavour features an "inverted cone filled with banana caramel." It sounds like some sort of wonderful way to guarantee a trip to the dentist.

The flavour will be available throughout the festival at the Messina pop-up in Sydney's Martin Place. Alternatively, Intel will be giving out a limited number of free "Silly Cone Chips" to those who catch the Intel Blue Ulysses Butterfly in the Digital Forest, which is also located at Martin Place.

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