Google and Amazon to talk tax with UK parliament

Google and Amazon to talk tax with UK parliament
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The UK government has asked Google and Amazon to pop in and talk tax later this month.

Senior staff members were asked to come to a session with the Public Accounts Committee on November 5 but it's not expected to happen until later in the month.

It's been noted recently that the two tech companies have made serious pots of cash in the UK while paying a relatively small amount of tax to the government.

Taxing times

Both Amazon and Google maintain they abide by all tax rules in the British Isles, although in Google's case this seems to mean re-routing UK sales through an Irish company to avoid tax.

Amazon, meanwhile, favours the tax breaks it gets by putting sales through Luxembourg.

Facebook has also been accused of coughing up less than its fair share of tax in the UK but doesn't seem to be invited to the discussions with Parliament.

The discussions won't necessarily result in any changes to the amount paid by the tech giants in the UK, but may be the first step towards a change in laws that make it harder for them to scrimp on British taxes.

From Reuters