A Christmas Carol gets first-ever 3D subtitling

A Christmas Carol get 3D subtitling
A Christmas Carol get 3D subtitling

For the first time ever in the UK a 3D movie has been given subtitles, allowing those with hearing loss to enjoy movies in the third dimension.

The technology has been added to A Christmas Carol, which is currently playing at IMAX's up and down the country, and is all part of Disney's bid to make their 3D content accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

"Disney recognises the fact that as we age, loss of some hearing or sight is inevitable. Access to film via subtitles and audio description is something that we all may appreciate, eventually.

"So we are working to ensure that every future Disneyfilm is accessible to people with hearing or sight loss," said Disney Studio's Technical Executive Director, Saul Mahoney.

Same opportunities

Speaking about the addition of subtitles to 3D Disney movies, Ian Noon from the National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS), said: "The National Deaf Children's Society believes that every deaf child has the right to the same opportunities as their hearing friends, and this includes being able to enjoy films at the cinema with subtitles. It is great news that deaf children and young people will now be able to enjoy 3D films with subtitles and we thank all those involved for this achievement."

To find out if your local cinemas is showing A Christmas Carol, complete with 3D subtitling, go to http://www.yourlocalcinema.com/christmascarol.html.

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