Windows 11’s best app is getting even better

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Microsoft is working on making the best app in Windows 11, Your Phone, even better in an upcoming update to the operating system.

The Your Phone app connects to your smartphone, allowing you to send and receive messages, access photos, drag and drop files and make and receive phone calls, all through Windows 11. Since its arrival in Windows 10, Your Phone has proved to be an incredibly useful app, especially if you have a Samsung smartphone, as Microsoft and Samsung teamed up to bring some exclusive features to the handsets.

When Your Phone came to Windows 11, Microsoft updated the interface to better fit in with its new operating system, while also making it less cluttered and easier to use.

However, as Windows Latest reports, Microsoft has made changes to how phone calls are handled and displayed in the app, with the changes showing up in an early version (Windows 11 Build 22533).

When making a call through the Your Phone app, the window that appears now has new icons and fonts that makes it fit in with Windows 11, while also giving you options that you’re used to seeing on your smartphone when making a call.

You’ll need to connect your smartphone to your PC via Bluetooth, which happens during the initial setup of the Your Phone app, then use your computer’s microphone and speakers for the call. Obviously, your PC will need those as well – the best webcams come with great built-in microphones these days, and we’ve also listed the best computer speakers as well.

Analysis: Work continues

As we had hoped, the launch of Windows 11 wasn’t the end of Microsoft’s work on the new operating system. Instead, the company has been adding new features and fixing bugs since Windows 11 launched last year.

While there is a danger that this makes Windows 11 feel a bit like a work in progress, it also means that if you’re patient, you should end up with an even better operating system. Hopefully the improved Your Phone app comes to all users of Windows 11 soon.

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