Windows 11 has been made to run on a Surface Duo

Windows 11 desktop spliced onto a Microsoft Surface Duo
(Image credit: Microsoft / Mr.Mikla / Shutterstock)

Despite Microsoft claiming time and again that Windows 11’s TPM 2.0 requirement is a steadfast rule, another engineer has bypassed that requirement once again, this time forcing Windows 11 onto a Surface Duo

In spite of the Surface Duo primarily being an Android device, serial tinkerer Gustave Monce has showcased on Twitter that not even that barrier will stop Windows 11 from being crammed onto the device somewhat successfully.

In tweets detailing their adventures with his tinkering escapade, Monce notes that it is “a bit glitchy” but the project nevertheless works, allowing them to control the dual-screened device via a Bluetooth mouse, as sadly they didn’t manage to get touch controls working just yet.

As you might expect from Windows 11’s notorious TPM 2.0 requirement and the Surface Duo only having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor inside of it, this version of Windows 11 on the Surface Duo features not one, but two warnings proclaiming that the system requirements aren’t met, thanks to the devices dual screens. 

Analysis: Just let us have Windows 11 already Microsoft 

As more and more devices and processors are shown to handle Windows 11 at least somewhat successfully, there’s a growing pressure on Microsoft to do something about it beyond just patching the loopholes that allow unsupported hardware to run the OS. 

Official adoption for Windows 11 has recently slowed to a crawl, indicating that the majority of people may not even have the hardware to run Windows 11, let alone the desire to upgrade.

With Windows 10 set to no longer receive support after October of 2025, Microsoft is faced with the looming possibility of leaving behind a huge part of its user base who are unable to upgrade. This would leave these users potentially vulnerable to security threats while they continue to use aged yet nonetheless functional software, so hopefully, Microsoft can find an amicable solution. 

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