Windows 10 printer bug fix gets… fixed

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Microsoft has restarted its rollout of the Windows 10 KB5001649 update — which should fix the printer issues many have experienced while running Windows 10 version 20H2/2004. The patch was temporarily pulled last week while Microsoft fixed issues that would cause it to not install correctly.

Installing the optional KB5001649 update should solve issues where users would see errors occur when they try to print, and in the worst cases, computers would crash and show the blue screen of death.

With the installation problems now fixed, users should be able to finally patch those bugs with the latest Windows 10 update (KB5001649, which can now be done manually.

How to install the latest Windows 10 update 

This optional patch isn’t one you need to install unless you’ve been having problems. So, you can always wait until the next Patch Tuesday — April 13, 2021 — to install it alongside a bunch of other small tweaks and fixes.

If you are having printer problems, though, here’s how to install the Windows 10 KB5001649 update right away:

  •  Open up your computer’s Settings page 
  •  In the search bar type ‘Update’ and select ‘Windows update settings’ 
  •  Select ‘View update history’ to see if you have update KB5001649 installed already 
  •  If not go back and select ‘Check for updates' 
  • You should then see ‘Optional quality update available’ and the KB5001649 update 
  •  Select ‘Download and install’ and follow the onscreen instructions 

With that done you should find printing no longer crashes your computer. Let’s just hope this patch doesn’t come with any more problems of its own. 

Hamish Hector
Senior Staff Writer, News

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