Windows 10 May 2020 Update looks like it’s on target for late May release

Windows 10
(Image credit: Future/Microsoft)

Windows 10 May 2020 Update looks like it’s still on schedule for being released in late May, with the upgrade now rolling out to developers on MSDN.

This is the final part of the pre-release deployment process, following the May 2020 Update being delivered to testers in the Release Preview ring, and subsequently being provided to PC manufacturers.

All of this is part of the final testing process to help ensure the compatibility of the imminent Windows 10 update with as much hardware and software as is conceivably possible.

Microsoft recently – and accidentally – revealed the scheduled release date for the May 2020 Update, and it’s supposedly arriving between May 26 to 28 (barring any last-minute disasters).

That timeframe matches what we’d previously heard from the rumor mill, namely a May 28 release.

Everything’s lining up

The May 2020 Update being pushed out to MSDN now pretty much lines up with this schedule, although the previous November 2019 Update did have a slightly longer gap between that happening and the final release.

There will always be slight variations in timing, of course, and indeed there’s a possibility of a last-minute delay cropping up as mentioned; but everything looks pretty much on target as we stand right now.

Originally, speculation was that Microsoft intended to deploy the May 2020 Update on May 12, so it would have already been released at this point – but that plan didn’t pan out, partly because an extra unanticipated fix was needed (and patching a zero-day exploit was also reportedly involved).

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