Windows 10 gets yet another faulty update with broken Start menu

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Microsoft release a cumulative patch, KB4517389, only a few days ago which was supposed to fix a number of highly publicised errors, and while it seems to have fixed the printer problems that were plaguing Windows 10 recently, it seems like the Start menu continues to have issues.

If news that Microsoft has released a Windows 10 update in an attempt to fix issues, only to introduce new problems, seems familiar, that’s because Microsoft has had an astonishingly bad run of faulty updates recently.

Only a few days ago we reported on how another cumulative update, KB4524147, had introduced more bugs, and it seems that Microsoft has rushed out this new update to fix those bugs, while causing the Start menu to fail with a critical error.

As any Windows user knows, the Start menu is a pretty essential feature of Windows 10 – and being unable to use it is a huge problem.

Start menu woes

As Windows Latest points out, users on the Microsoft community forum and Reddit have been complaining that the October 8 update (another name for KB4517389) has been breaking the Start menu and causing a critical error.

According to Microsoft’s support documentation, the company claims that the issue is not significantly impacting a large number of users. That won’t be much comfort to the people who are experiencing the problem. However, Microsoft does say that it is investigating the reports of the broken Start menu, though it does appear like the company is stumped about why this issue is occurring.

It’s yet another round of bad news for Microsoft when it comes to faulty Windows 10 updates, and the company needs to get on top of this fast – otherwise its reputation could be irreparably damaged.

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