WhatsApp's next big update will transform how you send videos

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WhatsApp will soon allow you to mute videos when you share them with friends, allowing recipients to watch them without the noise annoying others nearby.

As WABetaInfo reports, the new feature is currently rolling out to users who are part of WhatsApp's beta program, and (provided no bugs are discovered) we anticipate it will arrive for all users very soon.

If you want to be first to try out new WhatsApp features like muting video, you'll need to sign up for the beta program. The Apple program is currently full, but you can keep an eye on the TestFlight page in case a space opens up.

If you're an Android user, you can visit the WhatsApp Beta page on Google Play to register. Provided you already have the public version of WhatsApp installed on your phone, it will be updated to the beta version within a couple of hours.

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More new features may be on the horizon as WhatsApp attempts to win back people who are considering switching to different services. Many users decided to jump ship after WhatsApp announced changes to its terms of use that appeared to involve sharing more data with its parent company Facebook, moving their conversations to rival apps like Telegram and Signal.

WhatsApp has since tried to set the record straight, explaining that changes to the privacy policy only affect business users, and dismissing claims that private data such as users' chat histories, voice and video calls, and location data.

Its competitors were quick to capitalize on the opportunity though, with Telegram founder Pavel Durov called the number of people leaving WhatsApp "the largest digital migration in human history,"

Signal, meanwhile, 'borrowed' some of WhatsApp's best features to make it easier for people to switch services. The maximum possible number of participants in a Signal video call  increased from six to eight, the app now offers a special low-data mode, and users can set a custom 'about' status.

WhatsApp still has an ace up its sleeve, however, in the form of multi-device support. The feature has been on the cards for a long time, and will allow you to stay logged in on several phones, computers and tablets at once.

We don't yet know when multi-device support will be rolled out, but the forthcoming addition of biometric security for WhatsApp's desktop and web apps suggests it could be very soon. Stick with TechRadar and we'll bring you the latest news as soon as it lands.

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