Woojer VR vest will rock your virtual world - literally

Woojer Vest
Woojer Vest

You've got the headset, you've got the motion controllers, you've got the directional sound earphones. You may even have rudimentary smell'O'vision if you've been locked into a game for few solid days. The next level in full-on virtual reality immersion?

Body feedback, and peripheral maker Woojer thinks it's cracked it.

The Woojer Vest is worn, well, like a vest. Covering your chest, it features a set of six haptic transducers that play back sounds on frequencies from 0-500Hz.

By playing the sounds in time with your game, the frequencies can offer sensations that should mirror real-world physical interactions, with the transducers placed near your body's sensitive "meridian points".

Sound library

It's not Woojer's first roll of the immersive gaming dice, either. Last year the company put out its eponymous Woojer device, a subwoofer with a difference.

Working to a similar principle to the vest, it could be placed on your chest or under your butt to give an extra rumble to a game, putting you into the thick of a Battlefield fight, or letting you feel the gentle hum of an Elite Dangerous spacecraft.

In addition to the Vest, Woojer is putting together an SDK to help developers create haptic content that goes beyond games, but into music and movies too. 400 sound effects will be released as part of a body-rocking audio library for devs to tap into.

The Vest is still a work in progress, with pricing yet to be announced. But Woojer hopes to have it out by the end of the year, offering early-bird interested parties a 30% discount on whatever the final cost ends up being.

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