The Apple Watch is launching in Europe this April

The Apple Watch
Get ready Europeans - the Apple Watch is coming your way.

While we expected Europeans would be able to get their hands on the Apple Watch at the same time as their US counterparts, we now have confirmation - of sorts - from the Cupertino company.

While touring around a German Apple Store, CEO Tim Cook told employees that the Apple Watch would be launching in Germany in April too, as 9to5Mac reports. He didn't run down a checklist of every non-US nation, but it's a safe bet that means the UK and the rest of Europe will be let into the party as well.

You may remember it took a while for the first iPhone and the first iPad to make their way across the water from the States to Europe, but it seems Apple's now confident enough in its production line to launch in multiple countries around the same time.

A land down under

No word yet on Australian availability, but we know staff in Sydney are being trained up to deal with the device, so it shouldn't take too long for the Apple Watch to arrive there too. We should find out for sure at Apple's Watch event next week.

There's very little we don't know about Apple's timepiece: the initial announcement last September has been followed by months of leaks and speculation, with the occasional confirmed fact thrown in for good measure.

The big question marks that still remain are how much the various editions are going to cost, beyond the $349 entry-level price, and how many units Apple is going to be able to shift. With a global roll-out, the Apple Watch has got a better chance of hitting its stride right from the off.

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