Space is the next frontier for virtual reality thanks to this satellite

SpaceVR satellite

"Staring out into space" is about to get literal as the first-ever satellite equipped with a VR camera has been approved for launch next year.

SpaceVR, in cooperation with NanoRacks LLC, aims to use the 360-degree spacecraft to bring front-row views of the infinite reach of space to your wearable device, be it a Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift.

Dubbed Overview 1, the satellite will deploy into low orbit with the help of the International Space Station and SpaceX in June 2017.

"This is the most important milestone to date for SpaceVR and we're honored to share it with a group of pioneers that have been pushing what's achievable since before we were born," said Ryan Holmes, CEO and founder of SpaceVR. "Let's launch cool s*** into space!"

A (high-def) Space Odyssey

Overview 1 will be equipped with 4K sensors capable of capturing footage of Earth from orbit, and the breathtaking abyss surrounding it, in ultra high definition.

While most headsets don't handle a resolution that high, there's no telling how much VR tech will progress between now and next summer, especially considering upcoming projects like Google Daydream.

Regardless, we look forward to a whole different take on stargazing when the Overview 1 launches and gives us a closer look at the final frontier.

Parker Wilhelm
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