Samsung Orbis won't be troubling Apple Watch just yet

Samsung Gear 2
Samsung's next watch will be less rectangular

For a while we thought (or hoped anyway) that the Orbis might show its face at MWC, but that didn't happen and the latest rumours suggest we still have a long wait for Samsung's impressive sounding smartwatch.

According to Tizen Indonesia the Samsung Orbis might not launch until CTIA, which takes place just after IFA 2015 on September 9-11.

That gives us around six months to wait, which seems like a long time, especially with the Apple Watch launching imminently and likely to eat up many would-be Samsung customers.

Feature-packed is an understatement

But the Samsung Orbis could be worth the wait as it sounds like a true next generation smartwatch, with rumours of a built in camera, object, image and barcode recognition, health monitoring smarts, the ability to act as a key for your car and a remote for your TV and a round face with a rotating bezel used to navigate the interface.

It may also have long battery life, thanks to a 14nm Exynos chip and when it does need charging you're likely to be able to do so wirelessly.

If there's any downside to the Samsung Orbis from what we've heard so far it's that it apparently runs Tizen, which may not be so appealing, especially six months down the line when Android Wear and the Apple Watch are well entrenched as the major players, but if you can live with that then this could be a smartwatch that's worth waiting for.

James Rogerson

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