It looks like Pokemon Go could be heading to Android Wear too

Pokemon Go gyms
Are you still playing Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go is certainly enjoying its day in the sun and device manufacturers are keen to get in on the action if they possibly can - at the Apple press event earlier this week, the company said support for the game would be coming to the Apple Watch before the end of the year.

But what about those of us wearing smartwatches running Google's software and not Apple's? As yet there's been no mention of a fully fledged Android Wear app for Pokémon Go, just a dedicated device that goes on sale next week.

Well, the enthusiasts at Pokémon Go Hub think they've spotted some tell-tale references to Android Wear in the latest release of the main app, and if they're right then you'll be able to catch the little critters from your smartwatch as well as your phone. When the Android Wear app might appear is still a mystery though.

Don't take this as official confirmation - others are saying the highlighted lines of code are simply a reference to the aforementioned Pokémon Go wearable - but if you're longing for the chance to play the game from your wrist then it's one small glimmer of light to build your hopes around - more news to expect on 4 October, perhaps?

Pokémon Go - just a fad or here to stay?

David Nield
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