HTC's first smartwatch could finally be revealed at MWC 2015

HTC Smartwatch
Smartness, fitness or both?

After a lot of rumours and speculation it looks like HTC is working on its very own smartwatch and it could be preparing to announce its new wearable in just a few weeks.

Last week HTC posted a picture hyping up its flagship event at MWC 2015, which is set for March 1. The picture included the text "Utopia in progress" and invited us to join HTC to "see what's next".

Although we're pretty confident we'll see a new flagship smartphone (which may or may not be called the HTC One M9), a source close to HTC contacted Bloomberg suggesting that HTC will announce its first smartwatch at the event as well.

Fitness first

According to the source HTC's new smartwatch will feature Under Armour Inc's fitness services and apps. This makes sense as at the beginning of January HTC and Under Amour Inc announced a new partnership.

This partnership means that the tech company and sportswear brand will be working together on a number of products that will support Under Armour's UA Record platform, which lets you sync all of your fitness stats across multiple devices.

Before that announcement rumours were circulating that HTC was working on a fitness wearble, such as a fitness tracker, and that it would be shown in the first quarter of 2015.

All of this points to HTC announcing a fitness orientated smartwatch or tracking band on March 1. Time to make space on that wrist.

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