HTC will reveal its wearable at CES, but it's not a smartwatch

Don't expect anything that looks like this... yet

Speculation about HTC's wearable gadget has been swirling for months, but we're close. Very close.

According to a HTC spokesperson speaking to Venturebeat, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer is set to launch its debut piece of wearable technology in the first quarter of 2015. However, much to everyone's surprise, the device is not going to be a smartwatch.

Back in October HTC America's head Jason Mackenzie confirmed that a wearable was due to be launched, but was delayed due to it not being ready.

HTC has now revealed that the new device will be demoed in January at CES. The spokesperson also said that the device will be "very different from anything currently on the market", but we'll judge that for ourselves when the time comes.

Fitness fanatics

The report also states that HTC "will work closely with other companies who have already done significant work in developing apps for activities such as fitness".

It's therefore more likely that the device is going to be an exercise band of sorts, joining the ranks of Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, Microsoft and many more. That said, we still expect to see a smartwatch from HTC at some point later down the road.

Let's just hope that HTC's new piece of wearable technology will genuinely help us shed a couple of those excess Christmas pounds in the New Year, and won't just get lost in the noise.