HTC may finally launch its first smartwatch in June


Android Wear fans may have another choice of wristwear from next month as the latest rumors for the HTC smartwatch point toward a June release.

Twitter leaker @evleaks previously tweeted that the device would be ready before the end of April, but he's now updated us on its progress after a delay.

He tweeted, "FYI, this has been pushed to the week of June 6th. #htcwearable".

Many rumor-mongers have settled on a name of the HTC Watch, which makes sense considering the firm has dropped the One moniker from its latest smartphone for a more direct naming strategy.

A HTC smartwatch has been rumored since 2014, but the firm has yet to officially comment on whether it will be entering the market.

A long time coming

Previously, one report claimed the smartwatch would run Android Wear software and sport a high-end design in a similar vein to the HTC line of smartphones.

This wouldn't be the first foray into the world of wearables for HTC either, as we previously saw the company team up with Under Armour for the UA Band fitness tracker rather than go solo on an Android Wear device.

If there is an HTC Watch in the works, it would be an odd time to launch, given the dearth of options from other brands. HTC has never officially stated it was making a watch, but prototypes have been spotted in videos, so it's clearly had a look at the smartwatch arena in the past.

However, the question remains: what could HTC bring to the Android Wear table? It would need to be something huge - perhaps leveraging its partnership with UA to offer even greater fitness smarts.

It would still need to run Android Wear to be a 'successful' smartwatch, as a more mature platform makes far more sense than a forked version of HTC's own software.

That said, if HTC can provide something different to the smartwatch market - perhaps being one of the first to use Qualcomm's new smartwatch chip to bring much-enhanced battery life - then we could finally see the reinvigoration of the Android Wear market that's been slowly desiccating in the past year.

Via PocketNow.

Someone's already thought of the wearable that shocks you to wake you up:

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