Android Wear's latest update confirms that interactive faces are coming

Android Wear
Android Wear

Back at the start of July we heard news of interactive watch faces coming to Android Wear. The latest version – Android Wear v1.3 – has launched today, and while the new faces are not in tow, some digging around in the back end seems to confirm that they're on their way.

Google's companion app for Android Wear reveals further updates coming our way, which includes interactive watch faces that respond to your touch, watch faces to keep you connected with a friend, a weather app for a forecast of the next four days, as well as a wrist-based version of Google Translate.

Beautiful faces

Android Police also did some digging around in the code of the new update finding a new icon entitled "together" suggesting it's still the name for Google's long rumoured communication feature.

Rumours suggest Together is set to work in a similar way to Apple Watch's drawing as well as letting you send messages, emojis, photos, stickers and doodles to your friends.

The only new feature in today's update is called Device to Debug, found in the Settings menu, which gives you the chance to switch to a more developer-friendly version of the OS for programming purposes.

As for an update on time – we have no idea when these features will be coming to your wrist, we can only cross our fingers that it'll be sooner rather than later.

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