Wear OS has a useful new weather app feature

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Wear OS doesn’t get updated as much as Android, but one new feature has arrived, and with the weather heating up in much of the world it’s right on time.

The feature in question is a UV index, which has been added to the weather app, so you can see a measure of how much ultraviolet radiation there is in your area, and therefore get a clearer idea of whether you should put on sunscreen.

As well as appearing on the main weather app screen, the UV index can also be added as a complication, so you can see it on your watch face.

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The feature – which was announced in a tweet – is rolling out immediately, though not all Wear OS users yet have access to it at the time of writing. It should appear automatically, but may require you to reboot your smartwatch first.

It’s not the biggest of new features, but it’s likely to be appreciated by users who are starved for updates. And we might see other changes soon, with for example third-party tiles and screen recording both rumored to be on the way.

With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 rumored to be running Wear OS too, the operating system may soon get a burst of interest, which could spur Google to roll out yet more features.

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