Want to ride a smart bike? LeEco has two new cycles for you to try

CES 2017 promises to show us the future of tech, and naturally devices that get us from Point A to Point B are part of the equation. 

But smart cars aren't the only form of transportation innovation we're in for at CES, at least not on LeEco's watch. The Chinese firm has unveiled two new smart bikes at the biggest gadget show on Earth, bipedal machines that will deliver you to your destination in style.

The first cycle is the LeEco Smart Road Bike, which features a frame, fork, seat post, handlebar and wheels made of high-strength Toray T700 carbon fiber. It's light at only 18.5 pounds, and sports an 11-speed one-by drivetrain, along with other elements such as a brake set with dual-pivot tech. 

For more rugged excursions, there's the LeEco Smart Mountain Bike, which utilizes the same carbon fiber in its frame and handlebar. This cycle weighs 26.9 pounds and carries a 27.5-inch/650b diameter wheelset. Other nifty features include an 11-speed one-by drivetrain with single chain ring crankset and a hydraulic brake set to keep your ride smooth.

LeEco Smart Mountain Bike

LeEco Smart Mountain Bike

Intelligent design

Of course, these bikes wouldn't be "smart" if there wasn't some technology involved.

Both feature a 4-inch touchscreen to display LeEco's Android 6.0-backed BikeOS. The screens run on a Snapdragon 410 processor, and a 6,000mAh battery powers the display along.

BikeOS allows for turn-by-turn navigation using HERE Maps, on and offline music playback, walkie-talkie correspondence with nearby LeEco smart bikes, and keeping tabs on ride stats. 

There's a host of ways to track your health and performance, including compatibility with third-party ANT+ heart rate and power sensors. The bikes are also bedecked with safety features, including automatic on-board lighting and a security alarm. Should your alarm be tripped by, say, a thief, you'll be notified and your bike's location will be tracked via a mobile app.

We still don't know pricing for the LeEco Smart Road Bike or Smart Mountain Bike, but both will be available in the US starting in Q2 2017. 

LeEco talked up a Super Bike at its US launch event in October, though that bike isn't destined for the States. In just a few months, riders here will get to experience what LeEco smart bikes are all about.

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