Vodafone SIM only price crash! 20GB data for just £11 per month


Wi-Fi is all well and good, but if you really want to keep streaming video and music out of the house, then you'll need a big data SIM only deal on Vodafone. These prices were already super competitive, but today's new cashback offers at Mobiles.co.uk blow the competition out of the water.

There are three excellent 12-month SIM only plans to choose from and all of them come with unlimited minutes and calls. As far as data goes, you can choose from 20GB, 40GB or 50GB a month. 

These are all huge amounts of data for streaming music on Spotify, catching up on Netflix, browsing the net and Facebook, downloading games or uploading images to Instagram. If you're not sure how much data you need, dive into your phone's settings (or maybe your account page with your current provider) and you can usually see how much data you use on both mobile and Wi-Fi connections. You can often break this down by individual apps too in order to see the ones that consume the most data.

This way, you should be able to see which of these big data SIM only deals is right for you. There's no point paying for 50GB a month if 20GB will do you just fine after all. We'll run through the cashback details below for you too.

We've highlighted some manual redemption cashback deals, which offer the biggest savings, and also some simpler automatic cashback SIM only deals that are still cheaper for big data than other providers.

How to get the cashback on these SIM only deals?

Ok, so using the 20GB option as an example, you'll pay £20 a month, but the £108 of cashback you'll get back over the 12-month contract essentially brings the monthly cost down to £11.

You get the cashback initiative started by sending in a copy of your bill (by post or online) for the first time in December, and then every other month after that. Considering the overall saving it's more than worth the faff. Cashback by redemption deals are fairly standard practise now on SIM only deals and offer a fantastic way to get even cheaper deals. When you click through via the links above, press the 'i' icon for the full explainer.

Automatic cashback alternatives

The following SIM only deals don't require the sending in of any bills on a regular basis as the cashback is given back to you automatically after 38 days. The cashback amount isn't as much as the deals above, but given you don't have to worry about redeeming it every other month manually, the below offers may be a better fit for you.

More SIM only deals

If you're looking for something different, head on over to our guide for more of the best SIM only deals where we've listed even more options on both ends of the scale. Or take a peek at some highlights below.