Sick of Chrome on Android? Vivaldi has released a new customizable alternative

Vivaldi for Android
(Image credit: Vivaldi)

Vivaldi has released a new browser for Android, packed with features that it hopes will lure users away from Chrome.

Vivaldi made a name for itself with its super-customizable desktop browser, which lets you change pretty much every button, menu and bar to suit the way you use the web. It also boasts tab stacking – an incredibly helpful feature that allows you to collect related tabs together in a group so it's easier to find the one you want.

The new mobile browser is also designed with flexibility in mind, with features like the ability to switch search engines on the fly by typing a nickname into the search bar before your query. For example, you could type 'w' to search Wikipedia, or 'd' for DuckDuckGo.

Vivaldi for Android

(Image credit: Vivaldi)

Vivaldi has ported across its Speed Dial function, which provides quick access to your favorite sites and collections of bookmarks whenever you open a new tab, and the bookmark manager allows you to add searchable descriptions and nicknames to sites so you aren't left scrolling through an interminable list of saved URLs.

You can also switch between tabs with a swipe, and quickly duplicate tabs without the need to copy and paste URLs. There's a built-in notes tool too, for jotting down memos and lists without opening another app, plus the ability to take screenshots of entire webpages (not just what's currently visible on the screen).

Sync without a trace

If you already use the desktop version of Vivaldi (or fancy giving it a try on multiple Android devices), you can sync your browsing data between installations with a few taps. This includes bookmarks, Speed Dial settings, form autofill data, and saved passwords. Everything is transmitted using secure end-to-end encryption. 

There are also all the usual features you'd expect from a modern mobile browser, including private browsing and reader mode – and if Vivaldi's take on the desktop is anything to go by, there will be lots more on the horizon.

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