Sony's new smart Blu-ray players definitely have a look going on

Sony's new smart Blu-ray players definitely have a look going on
The Sony BDP-S5100 - angling for something

While all and sundry were dazzled by Sony's 4K OLED TV prototype at CES 2013, the company hasn't skimped on its 2013 Blu-ray line-up, bringing sharp new looks to what could so easily have been a boring black box.

The "cutting-edge styling" (maybe in the '80s, Sony) was apparently inspired by "Sense of Quartz" whatever that is, and intended to harmonise with the company's Bravia TV range.

We do love to mock marketing-speak, but the Blu-ray players are quite jazzy on the eye - however, the features are more impressive.

Working an angle

Two of the four new Blu-ray players come with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity (take a bow, BDP-S5100, BDP-S3100), while all offer enhanced features like access to the Sony Entertainment Network.

The Wi-Fi ready models (which includes the BDP-S4100 although it requires a USB adaptor) all offer web access and Smart TV apps, as well as making use of the new TV SideView remote app for iOS and Android.

From all four models, Sony promises "supreme picture quality" - particularly if you hook the new players up to the latest Bravia TVs with support for Triluminos Display for eye-popping on-screen colour.

As if that wasn't enough, both the BDP-S5100 and BDP-S4100 are 3D ready, while all four players offer Full HD 1080p and DVD upscaling.

Nothing to report price-wise at the moment, but Sony's angular new Blu-ray line-up will be hitting shop shelves from February 2013.

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