Urbanista mixes sound and style with two new wireless earbuds

Urbanista Lisbon being used on a beach
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Swedish audio brand Urbanista is known for its range of true wireless earbuds, headphones and Bluetooth speakers designed for fashion-conscious music lovers on a budget, and its latest arrivals are no different. 

Both the Urbanista Seoul and Urbanista Lisbon aim to combine the company’s trademark emphasis on bright colors and smart design with good quality sound, offering casual listeners an accessible alternative to more expensive earbuds like the Apple AirPods Pro or Beats Studio Buds.

This time around, mobile gamers should take notice, too. The Seoul earbuds have been designed with on-the-go play in mind, offering users the option to switch between dedicated gaming and music modes with just a tap. They also arrive with impressively low latency, and eight hours playtime on a single charge, according to Urbanista.

They’ll also boast wireless charging with a certified Qi pad, as well as IPX4 water resistance and compatibility with Siri and Google Voice Assistant. What’s more, at only $89.90 / £89.90, they could represent some of the best value true wireless earbuds on the market right now.

Urbanista Seoul earbuds product shot

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The Urbanista Seoul won’t match their pricier competitors for sound quality or functionality (there’s no noise cancellation or transparency options here), but for such a low price, the brand’s focus is clearly on the earbuds’ eye-catching design. They’re available to buy in bright blue and purple colorways, as well as some not-so-bold black and white options.

As for the Urbanista Lisbon, that emphasis on style over substance is even more apparent. Priced at just $49.90 / £49.90, they’re cheaper than most of the earbuds on our best budget wireless earbuds list, and what they won't offer in terms of sound quality, they make up for in portability.

Urbanista Lisbon product shots on beach

(Image credit: Urbanista)

For starters, the Urbanista Lisbon earbuds weigh just 4g each. For our British readers, that’s about the same as a two pence coin. They pack the same touch controls as their Seoul counterparts, too, as well as a superior single charge capacity of nine hours. 

The Urbanista Lisbon don’t boast any additional listening modes, though, and their charging case also lacks the battery life of their more expensive sibling (27 hours vs 32 hours). 

Still, with a single, universal earbud tip emphasising the Lisbon’s focus on ultra-casual, ultra-portable use, they could be a great option for listeners looking for an easy-to-use pair of wireless earbuds that don’t break the bank. 

They also come in red, beige, black, pink or green, too, so they’re certain to catch the eye – even if they don’t light up the ears.

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